Sunday, August 06, 2006

well it sseems for now you win oh Jammer

having not yet the resources to bypass the jamming I will largely cease furth Moon bounce work although I have to best of belief acchived it on 4 seperate QSO's and then certain folks deciding that they did not approve decided to break FCC and set up a bot that answers my cq calls with false responses

as I posted when I started I knew I might not make it but was going to try

I knew I might this time although frankly I never considered that the reason I would fail would be jamming. OTOH I havemade a QSO (SSB) over a geat distanceto what I though was possible it full of satic but the single 13b2 can be mounted for better use in torppo and will be and next year likely joined by another and an abilty to aim the attennas better

right now my staion can likely make a sked if the sked involves work split, the jammer is working but sensing my sginal and fillingn my transmit freq with RF so I can't hear real echos or tell them from his faked replies but the jamming is coinfined to my TX freq I have worked a split qso near moonset and I knwo that contact was valid as we took pains to make sure, as QSLing viathe buro system takes awhile it will be a while before I can prove it but I KNOW I have the at least 1 EME contact

I hope you are satifed with your handy work

drop me a line for a sked and plan on working split if youask for one

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