Monday, July 20, 2009

you can Reach the MOON NOW

this blog is likely a little different then most promoted by the NSS it focuses on reaching the moon. sorta

the moon is reachable and usable by anyone with a ham license and bit of gear

moonbounce or EME earth moon earth path is to many hams the unlitmate DX (distaant transmission) it short form one station transmits a signal at the mon and another ham station listens for the echo. It is the basis of the first effort at Com stat the passive exeriment Echo ( ithink launched just a bit before I was born) in the days of appollo this sort of path required very high power huges attenans morse code skill and the ability to use that skil on very weak and fading signals today rig like the Icom 910h are able to do that a 100 watts and something you obviously have or you would not be reading these words stay tuned for more moon realted

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