Thursday, July 27, 2006

one night 3 contacts

rv3iq ko87 1:48 utc
pa3cob jo 32 2:04 utc
hb9hli jn37 2:19 utc
the last 2 like the other hollander from last night all have websities lising EME as amoug the abilities of the their stations

I am almost to point of asking what is wrong here ? Isn't this supposed to be hard?

Important lession do not always accept the fist decode of the ping hit decode again a few more the Rv3iq staion emegered from that proccees which started with a decode of "R O" which I thought meant get me but not quite thre or ten decode later emerged the porper signal and he answered back to mywith my call and his and his grid all very exciting and all putting the human factor in the mix which you might worry about being missing

I certainly have NEVER had this kind of fun in Ham radio before. EME seems to be a very good investment measured in fun to cost and efoort for my station

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