Thursday, July 27, 2006

tonight's Lunacy

12 possible contact they were fast and furious tonight did someone have an EME contest I did not kno w about I turnon the radio on the freq I park on and had a staion Calling ME by call before I even called CQ nation recieved
dl7aka jo62 1:01 144.111 was calling ME as I turned stuff on
DK4TG jo 31 1.27 144.114
w6te dmo6 1.48 144.111 not certain of this one
yu7aa jn97 1.53
dl3sas jn48 2:08
w7tvf dm26 2:11
rx3px ko84 2.16
sm2ekm kp05 2:19
i6wid jn 73 2:24
n9xg en60 2:28
lu8edr gf05 2:34
ve3dew fno4 2:49
pa3fpq jo23 2:53

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Daniel said...

Hi Mark, I leave a link,
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Daniel LU8EDR