Monday, July 24, 2006

some notes digtial bandplans for vhf list eham fdigtal fourm

DIGITAL BAND(guide..not official)
PLAN FOR VHF/UHF This is NOT an official band plan but a guide for most"normal" digital activity and areas will vary indifferent places so please use common courtesy and ifyou are unsure ask local operators and orlisten.....but never run digital on the SSB/CW callingfrequencies or the EME subbands
6 Meters CW/SSB/Digital 50.060-50.080 CW Beacons (unattended sub-band) see: <" target=_blank>> 50.080-50.100 CW QSO's
50.100-50.125 DX Window
50.110 DX Calling Frequency
50.125 North American SSB Calling Frequency
50.133-50.430 Voice Nets see:<" target=_blank>>
50.255 FSK441 lower practical limit for most QSO's 50.260
FSK441 Calling Frequency
50.285 FSK441 upper practical limit for most QSO's
50.290 SSB PSK31
50.291 BEACONet^31 (with +1500hz PSK audio)
50.300 or 50.700 RTTY?
6 Meters 50.680 SSTV
2 Meters CW/SSB/Digital
144.00-144.05 EME (CW)
144.05-144.06 Propagation beacons (old band plan)
144.06-144.10 General CW and weak signals
144.10-144.20 EME and weak-signal SSB
144.140 WSJT FSK441/JT44 calling frequency
144.110 to 144.160 WSJT FSK441 or JT44 (around thisarea)
144.131 BEACONet^31 (with +1500hz PSK audio)
144.200 National SSB calling frequency 144.20-144.30
General SSB operation, upper sideband 144.275-144.300
New beacon band 2 Meters FM Digital modes 145.500 SSTV (National SSTV Simplex FM Frequency)
145.550 FM PSK31,
Hellschreiber 70 Centimeters CW/SSB/Digital
420.00-426.00 ATV repeater or simplex with 421.25 MHzvideo carrier control links and experimental 426.00-432.00 ATV simplex with 427.250 MHz videocarrier frequency
432.00-432.07 EME (Earth-Moon-Earth)
432.07-432.08 Propagation beacons (old band plan)
Weak-signal CW 432.100 70 cm calling frequency
432.11-432.20 WSJT JT44/FSK441 ?
432.150 SSB PSK 432.10-433.00
Mixed-mode and weak-signal work 432.30-432.40
New beacon band

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